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Feel it again : An Anthology CD box set is one that the fans will truely enjoy.
On the cd there are 39 tracks that inclued  Lethal Weapon', New Girl Now & Feel It Again.

It also contains 3 rare tracks and 7 unreleased songs from HMS's private archive.








Some of those songs include My right hand,I'm so boring,Difference, Sit for hours, Shake my stick, Things could change and Where's my wire which are quickly becoming among my many favourite hms songs.

Included with the CD is a  stunning 20 page colour booklet along with an extensive band history and track by track commentary written by biographer Campbell Devine 

All in all this  CD box set is fantastic and brings back many fond memories for HMS fans.

Click on the sound files below to hear sound samples from HoneyMoon Suite Feel it again : An Anthology.

I'm So Boring Difference Shake My Stick Sit For hours Things could Change My Right Hand Where's My Wire

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